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Frequently Asked Questions
Are you hosting Linux websites/servers/packages?
Of course we are. :) View the plans from our home page.

Will Creative Web Solutions host my adult website?
Definately Not! Adult websites are not allowed, nor will ever be allowed on our servers. If such material is discovered, the owner of the account will be notified in writing of violating our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. All unpaid balances will be due to Creative Web Solutions for payment and the offending website will be shut down with all credits due to the owner of the website will be forfieted. We have strong moral obligations to forbid such content and will not tolerate exceptions.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with services?
Creative Web Solutions offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Why don't you offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth?
Unlimited diskspace is a term that sounds nice on paper, but it doesn't exist. It's a selling item for customers who don't know otherwise. Diskspace is limited by capacity and ultimately technology. Companies who offer unlimited diskspace and bandwidth operate on the assumption that most customers will not use more that a few hundred megabytes of disk space. That's why we have designed our affordable packages to be more than enough for 99% of customers' needs.

Can I store MP3's and other digital media types on my website?
That depends on whether or not you're the original owner, artist, or composer of the content you wish to store. United States copyright laws are strict and do not allow for exceptions. The only way you can store copyrighted digital media is with a copyright waiver. For more information about digital media copyright laws, visit http://www.copyright.gov.

Got A Question?
Email us at support@texascws.com and we'll answer any questions you may have!

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