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Why Creative Web Solutions?
Creative Web Solutions is your premier web hosting company that offers a full array of tools and options to make your experience memorable and productive. We operate on principles that dictate honest work, customer service, and the discipline and willingness to do the job right, until the end.
How we got started?
Creative Web Solutions was started unlike any other web hosting company has before. When company's are designed and thought of, a goal is put into place. So you now have a goal-oriented company with no customers.
Creative Web Solutions started the other way around. The owners had known quite a few people who required all the features of a web hosting company, so instead of pushing them off to various companies who often cannot meet the needs and demands of small businesses, we decided to build a company that offers low prices, high-reliability, high availability, and extensive features for our small-business customers. This new venture started in late March 2007 and has been steadily adding new features and providing various solutions to an expanding customer base. Sign up today to join a growing company with unlimited options and a prosperous, purpose driven, and exciting future.
What we offer?
Creative Web Solutions offers different features to ensure that your personal website or small business can grow with no hitches. We offer ColdFusion 9, SmarterMail Webmail, MS SQL 2008, MySQL 5, Ruby on Rails, Railo, IIS 7.5, ASP.NET 4.0 With AJAX, and many other features. Click Hosting Plans from the menu above to see what we offer with every plan!
Where are we going from here?
The simple answer is up. We're in a position to turn your losses into your profits and jobs into careers. We make the promise of honest and thorough work. We have the best customers in the world and treat them like it. We are constantly growing and adapting our knowledge, strategies, and technology. We don't just want customers, we want growing professional relationships that cannot be broken. We plan on going straight to the top, and we want you to come with us. Our savings and features will be passed on to you as we grow our relationships with new and existing customers, our investors and our marketing agencies.
Updated 11 May 2013
ANNOUNCEMENTS: We now offer Military Discounts!!! When checking out, use the Coupon Code military10 to redeem your 10% military discount. You can apply this discount when you check out. We're happy to bring you online Auction Software Written solely in Coldfusion and accepting PayPal payments.
Creative Web Solutions
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